About Us

Bringing the Gospel of Christ to the most remote and forgotten places on earth.

Overland Missions exists to take the Gospel of Christ to the most remote and forgotten places on earth. We identify these regions and begin the process to spread the good news of Christ until the Gospel has reached its full effect. This means not just sending a team of missionaries over to preach the Word, but deploying a measurable, accountable and effective strategy to empower the local believers to carry on the mission of spreading the Gospel among them in a sustainable way.

How We Operate in Remote Regions

Stage One


Advanced Mission Training

Stage Two


Sector Management

Stage Three

Humanitarian Care

Life Project
Water Projects

Stage Four


Rural Pastors Network

Stage One

Once an area is identified, usually via satellite images where we can see remote villages, we designate it as a sector. This 100 kilometer by 100 kilometer sector gives us a measurable and accountable area to work in. Immediately, we send a reconnaissance team to identify local pastors in the nearby area with the vision to reach out to these neglected areas; we strongly believe the local church is the answer to their geographical domain and we look for such a visionary leader. Evangelism begins, along with learning about the area and how to best reach this sector for Christ. Our Expeditions division is the primary arm for evangelism and will be in charge of deploying teams of believers from multiple countries to go share the good news of Christ in a relevant way. Through our Advanced Mission Training (AMT) course, we can effectively train any believer how to reach remote locations, communicate the Gospel and come back alive!

Stage Two

Stage two happens almost immediately after evangelism starts. Here, we need to raise up indigenous leaders and provide them basic skills to allow the Gospel to start spreading among them quickly. Through Sector Management, the sector manager ensures all departments work in concert to evangelize, disciple, care for their needs, and leave the sector in the hands of developed local leaders within a five year period.

Stage Three

After a solid relationship has been developed within this village or area, the next stage is to care for their needs and show them a way to sustain themselves if no established means are set. The LIFE Project’s mission is to create an indigenously-led, sustainable system of care, which empowers rural villages to thrive within their culture while addressing the needs of education, health and care for the vulnerable. Our Water Projects division provides clean water to indigenious communities. Humanitarian care is redefined through Overland Missions. This type of care stems out of relationship through faith and is not merely driven by need within traditional humanitarian care. The goal is to equip the locals to learn a way to care for their own in a long-term way.

Stage Four

Stage four is our exit strategy- sustainablity. The challenge in any missionary endeavor is how to leave the area without neglecting the work completed. The only way is to empower the local church to continue the work of the Gospel. The Overland Leadership Network (OLN) is a division deployed within a sector. Its purpose is to gather, unify, train, and equip rural pastors in the presence and Word of God, in doctrine and ethics for the healthy growth of the rural church.

Are you interested in being a part of this strategy?

We invite you to join the adventure of faith… There is a place for you to share what God has given you. If you want to get involved with children, sharing the Gospel, pioneering a sector for Christ, learning about missions or just about any other passion you have you can find it here at Overland Missions. God has given us a challenge to reach 200 sectors by the year 2020. Your contribution towards this goal will ensure generations to come will know the name of Jesus.
Join one of our expeditions, enroll in AMT, donate towards this cause or become a volunteer today!

Philip Smethurst
Founder and CEO of Overland Missions