Become a Missionary

Overland Missions has a vision to deploy missionaries into 200 Sectors (10,000 sq. km. each) over the face of the earth by 2020.

Our strategy of Sector Management will ensure as many remote people groups will receive the Gospel as possible during our lifetime. In order to make this a reality, we need missionaries! You probably already know God is calling you to do something with your life, but you may not be sure what the next step looks like, or how life will change after you take that step.

Overland Missions needs people with skills and gifts in a variety of backgrounds – there is no one particular type of person that ‘fits’ in our team. In fact, without diversity, our team would be unable to function in all the roles it needs to in order to accomplish our goals. That means your skills in administration, information technology, mechanics, media, or communications are as valuable to the ministry as the message you carry as an ambassador of Christ.

To become part of our missionary team and learn how to become a missionary, you will need to first complete two training programs (exceptions will be made for missionaries with a minimum of 10 years field experience).

Recommended First Step:

Participate in one of our short-term expeditions.

Required Programs:

1)  Advanced Mission Training (AMT):  AMT is the gateway to joining staff with Overland Missions. This rigorous 12-week field training program that takes place at our logistical base in Zambia, Africa, will prepare you for life as a world missionary.

2)  Ministry of Partnership Development (MPD):  During the process of MPD you will raise up a team of people who will partner with you finacially to accomplish the vision God has called you to. MPD begins with a training course which will teach you everything you need to know in order to become fully funded as a world missionary.

Once you have completed these programs, you will be ready to launch into one of these exciting opportunities:

Sector Management
Expedition Leadership
The LIFE Project
Training Future Missionaries
Media & Marketing
Operational Support & Administration
Water Projects

Contact us: – 1(321) 452-9696