Ministry of Partnership Development (MPD)

We have a vision to deploy thousands of missionaries into the nations

mpdAt Overland Missions, we recognize the life movement that is made when a person or a family commits themselves to full-time missions. Jobs are left, homes are sold, you say goodbye to friends and family and embark on an incredible new journey for the Kingdom of God. There is much to look forward to and much to learn; we want to do our part to ensure you have the resources, encouragement, accountability and support that you need. With that, we involve you in the Ministry of Partnership Development (MPD) so that you can confidently commit your life to the mandates and tasks in the Kingdom with longevity.

We have a vision to deploy thousands of missionaries into the nations.

MPD is a vital part of your ministry in which you raise up a team of people who will partner with you financially to accomplish the vision God has called you to. It is a platform to achieve the dreams and goals of our God and Father that the “Gospel of His son Jesus Christ will be preached throughout the world as a testimony to every ethnic group and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14). Within Overland Missions’ department of MPD, we ensure you have the proper training and consistent communication with our staff until you have the funds needed to launch you into your ministry position.

Soon after returning home from AMT, each new staff person is required to complete Overland Missions’ 2-day fundraising training seminar in Florida.  After your training, we will guide you in the practical, spiritual and emotional parts of this journey while leaving room for you to be creative. However, this training and our other resources are in no way to replace your faith in God as sole provider. In fact, it takes a tremendous amount of faith to walk in MPD, but you will exercise it with diligence and strategy.

We want everyone making the decision to become a full-time missionary to start well and finish strong. The training seminar will truly give you the tools necessary to get you started properly and in a responsible way. Your family will be glad you took the time to plan, equip and walk forward in faith with a solid biblical foundation.

Throughout MPD, you will not only raise funds, but you will also be more prepared for your ministry assignment and be able to build strong relationships with those who partner with you financially. The goal of MPD is to partner with the Lord to ensure your long-term commitment to the field, enabling you to accomplish the vision He has given you.