The Arab World has a special place in my heart. Every time I am in the Middle East or North Africa I feel at home. I can sit at a coffee shop or restaurant for hours having a conversation with a complete stranger. The conversation is filled with laughter and deep thoughts about life. They will tell me about their family and fill me in on their life story. There are no boundaries once you befriend someone. They are the most hospitable people in the world.

These past few weeks, Bailey and I were in North Africa for our second recon trip. It was especially amazing for me to bring Bailey because it was her first time in the country. It was incredible to see how comfortable she was operating in the country and she was so eager to learn Arabic. We were able to make some incredible contacts and friends while we were exploring to see which city would be best to base out of. We were walking through the medina (old city) when all of the sudden a friend we had met earlier in the day came rushing up to us to say hello. We talked for a few minutes on the street and as he was telling me about his family and his home he paused and asked “why don’t you and your wife just come over and meet my family and see my home?”. So naturally we said yes. We followed this man to his home and sat with him, his wife, and their three daughters while sharing some mint tea. This family invited us back next time we are in the country and his wife is going to teach Bailey how to cook traditional food (I am excited for that).

This is just a small example of the hospitality of the people in this region of the world. It is unparalleled and will make anyone feel at home. Hospitality is an intimate concept to these people that is not taken lightly. One really quick way to befriend someone is to buy a carpet. Not only will you be buying a beautiful handmade carpet, but you will have one of the best experiences of your life (the best experience I personally had was at NW Rugs). It is a long and intimate process so be prepared to spend a few hours in the shop. They will show you almost every carpet they have in their shop. It doesn’t matter if you made up your mind in the first 5 minutes, they will show you a hundred more because they are proud of the carpets they have. Not only will they show you all their carpets, they will invite their families to come meet you, they will serve you mint tea, and they will tell you everything about their life. What a great ministry opportunity to open up to these people as they open up to you.


Man in Meknes showing us his carpet collection

This is a region that is so hungry for intimacy with our Father and they do not even know it. They are craving the love that can only be provided by Jesus. We know that God is moving throughout this region and bringing people to Him. We cannot wait to be a part of the viral move of God happening in this country. A lot of these people have never heard the truth. Yes, they have heard about Jesus, but they have only heard lies that the leaders of the Mosques are telling them. We have a unique opportunity to build relationships and share the true message of Jesus Christ with these people in the Arab World. We must share the Gospel!


This past month we took a team to North Africa, rented a car and drove all over the country. There was one small road that led to into the mountains and on either side was just desert. As we drove down the road, we passed hundreds of sheep and their shepherds. Sheep are not very intelligent and the reason sheep need shepherds is because they cannot live without someone guiding them. They cannot even drink out of a flowing stream because they will drown. In the word we are compared to sheep and Jesus is our shepherd because without Him we would not survive.




“Then the Lord put out his hand and touched my mouth. And the Lord said to me,“Behold, I have put my words in your mouth. See, I have set you this day over nations and over kingdoms, to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.” – Jeremiah 1:9-10.

When we come to know Jesus we become a new creation. While yes, we still need Jesus as our shepherd, we are able to go bring other sheep back to Him. He has anointed us to go into all nations and preach the Gospel. He has put the words in our mouth to go into all of these nations and break down the oppression and the foundations of any other religion; we have the words to build it back up with the foundations of the Gospel and the new creation.



We were able to drive all over the country we were in and learn more about the culture and see how doing ministry in this country will work. We stayed in 8 different cities that were all completely different in nature. Some were freezing cold and up in mountains. Others were in the desert and more like villages.

We were able to sit with one man one night who was a wealth of information. The best way to learn about new cultures and people groups is to insert yourself in them and talk to as many people as you can. This man explained to us the difference between all the different people groups and was able to tell us about his home in the desert compared to the city. Seeing his heart and hearing his stories just made us fall in love with this country more and more.





We continued our drive through the country with a whole new perspective of the people and with our hearts completely open to whatever else the lord wanted to show us and wherever he wanted to take us. This man was pivotal in what we were looking for on this recon and is pivotal for this next chapter in our lives.

We ended our recon in the North of the country and spent a few days there before we flew out. This recon was an amazing time of revelation from the Lord on how he didn’t just die for us, but for every single person on this planet. He wants every single person to see themselves as He sees them and understand the new creation. We are excited for this country and are looking forward to getting back and building relationships further and winning this country for Jesus.





I am a missionary with Overland Missions traveling the back and remote roads of the globe. It is hard to believe that even today there are millions of people who have not yet heard the good news of Jesus Christ. These communities lay outside any tar road or the path of casual visitors. We make every effort to identify them, get to them with the most powerful message on earth and see to it we care for them both spiritually and physically.

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