These are the words painted across our trucks, printed on our shirts, and spoken to our teams. It is a phrase that causes us to push ourselves to go farther, reach deeper, and stay longer. Overland Missions is dedicated, not necessarily to the phrase itself, but to what the heart behind it says. We are an organization that is dedicated to reaching the unreached. And we will do whatever it takes.

Any Road.

After a long drive turned into a hike, a reconnaissance team in the Patagonia region of South America reached a river as they backpacked through the jungle. The villages they were traveling to happened to be on the other side and there was no bridge. So they crossed in pairs riding on a small contraption that was a combination between a zip line and a ski lift. Then they continued on to their destination so that Jesus’ name could be preached in the most remote places of the earth. Worth the risk.

Any Load.

It is a heavy burden for some leaving behind the lives that they have always known. Those who are overseas workers for the Gospel are also daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, friends, and loved ones. We leave behind our communities here in the states, because there are people in remote places that need to hear the message of love and redemption that is the Gospel. Some days we are so caught up in the work we are doing that our lives back in the states barely cross our minds. Other days we are home sick and we miss those that are an ocean away, longing to be with them again. Either way, it is worth the sacrifice.

Any Time.

A staff member in the Water Projects department, a local worker for Overland, and a student in the Advanced Missions Training (AMT) program started their day at 4:00 am. They reached their last well repair of the week by 6:00 am. When they went to sleep that night it was after midnight and they had successfully repaired their fourth well, spent seven hours in transit between locations, finished installing the concrete for a newly drilled bore-hole, packed up and set up camp, showed The Jesus Film, and preached the Gospel in a new place. A long day. A good day. A day that was worth the lost sleep.

Overland Missions is built on the idea that we will do whatever it takes to see the unreached not only become the reached, but to train them to reach others. To those we minister to, we desire, hope and pray for them to become ministers themselves. And we will see it come to pass. Whatever it takes.

In honor of Overland’s 15-year anniversary, we have created a short series of videos to hear from our missionaries and highlight the work of God in some of the nations we travel to. The third video features Hunter and Sarah Ray. In watching, there’s no doubt you may think to yourself, “what a cute couple with an awesome story!” But listen on as they speak of a man driven by hunger…a man that represents the very reason we do what we do: go to the ends of the earth to share the life-giving message of Jesus Christ.

What is it that causes a young, single person to say YES to God….regardless of uncertainty and fear…regardless of all the questions and opinions….regardless of all the risk??  In this video, Leah gives you a glimpse as to what that was for her.  Listen to her heart.  She is overflowing…and you can bet it’s what caused one lady to say YES as well.

Here at Overland Missions, we’re celebrating 15 years of ministry throughout 2014! In honor of this special occasion and to glorify the Lord for all He’s done, over the next few months we’re going to bring you something special from our staff team that have helped build God’s Kingdom in the nations during the past 15 years!

We have produced a mini series of videos where you can meet some of the Overland Missions team and their families and hear some of the memories and testimonies they’ve obtained from all over the world!

Our first in this special series comes from the Killough family, who have been leading our expeditions in the Amazon for the past six years before committing to start a new sector for Overland Missions in Angola, Africa. Click here to learn more about the 15 year celebration!

We believe that Jesus Christ, who came in humility to the world in order to correct our relationship with the Creator of the Universe, is the message that transcends culture. He goes beyond economic differences, race, gender, traditions, families, and personalities. He meets every single person exactly where they are. He is not a God who is afraid of tradition, but a God who confronts it, adjusts it, and receives all the glory.
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Overland Missions’ Advanced Mission Training (AMT) is a unique and powerful training program located in Livingstone, Zambia. We train men and women of faith to learn how to become well-rounded missionaries, ready to encounter life in remote locations.

Focused on reaching remote tribes and neglected communities, AMT is the foundational training step in deplyoing people to these regions. This video demonstrates how AMT fits in the overall vision of Overland Missions.

Take a moment to watch this presentation and consider joining us in the work of the Kingdom of God. Contact us today to find out more.

As Overland Missions continues to expand, we will be establishing new sectors throughout Africa, South East Asia, and Brazil.

This short video will give you an overview of our plans and paint a picture of what we will be tackling over the next two years. Join our efforts to enhance the kingdom of God in remote locations!

img_9936__mediumThis testimony comes from Trey, one of our most recent Advanced Mission Training graduates on their final expedition.

“What a great expedition to have as our final expedition. It was an amazing week where our lives on the team were touched and the people of the Moomba Chiefdom were touched. I would say that it was an absolutely life changing experience for me and I thank God for it! This experience will forever change the way I view ministry and the way I will do ministry. It is hard for me to articulate the change that has happened in my heart, but I will try my best.

I did not know what to expect when we left early in the morning for Moomba. As we all piled into Maverick (our huge expedition truck) at 5:30 AM, spirits were high and everyone was excited to go out and do ministry. We were also the first expedition to Moomba, which was very exciting to us and to the sector manager that has been working there for the past year. After only driving for an hour, we turned from the tarmac road onto a sandy/muddy road to continue on our 8-hour journey to Moomba. That was when I truly learned and understood what Overland Missions means when they say “Any Road…Any Load…Any Time”. Not even 20 minutes into our off-road trek, we got quite stuck in a mud pit. The team did a great job working together and digging our truck out. It only took an hour and a half for us to get out. “Sweet Victory”, I thought, as the truck bulldozed its way out of the mud. Little did I know that that was just a warm-up for what was ahead. After a little while longer on the road, we got stuck even deeper in another mud pit. This time it took us three hours to dig out! Digging hard, using every branch around, and willing hearts we watched as the truck finally lifted from the muddy pit.  Now that was satisfying and relieving.

The real satisfaction though, was when we began ministry the next day after our long and tough (yet still fun) trip. A lot seemed to happen in just a couple of days and I was proud to be a part of it. The Gospel was preached and people were saved. I had the wonderful blessing of preaching the word one night at a meeting we had around a campfire with the community. As I prepared to preach, the Lord reminded me of something. Honestly in ministry, it’s sometimes easy to focus on the work you are doing rather than why you are doing the work. God reminded me of a beautiful scripture in 1 Corinthians 13:1-3, it reads, “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clinging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing.”  That reminder was exactly what I needed to deliver the message of Love, which is the very heart of the message of the Gospel.

The rest of the week was one amazing, eye opening experience after another. The Lord was truly teaching me how to minister and how to prepare for ministry in the future. I really got to see the sector management side of things and the responsibilities a sector manager carries. For example, we had a Bible study with a group of people who knew the Bible very well. Something that is needed to know for some background is that denominations are a huge deal in Africa. It is everywhere in the world, but it just seems to be more evident to me in Africa. There is much division because of different beliefs in Baptisms, in which day is the Sabbath, etc. Yes, there is a right way to do stuff, but those arguments are getting away from the core of what our faith is based around, who is Jesus Christ. I heard a friend put it this way, which put things in perspective for me concerning these arguments: “While these people in a village are arguing about who is correct or which denomination is ‘more spiritual’, the guy in the next village will never hear about Jesus and go to hell because the other believers are too busy arguing amongst themselves about whether Saturday is the Sabbath or whether Sunday is.”
Interesting thought, huh? We need to focus on Jesus Christ who made a way for us, and not the small things. It is faith in Jesus that determines our Salvation, not which day you worship on, or how you were baptized. Amen! Big tangent, but necessary. Back to the Bible study.

There was a group of people at the Bible study were a certain denomination and thought things should be done a certain way. I felt like we truly lived out the bible that day. Just as the Pharisees would try and trap Jesus with questions, they tried to do the same. And that is ok. It was an experience that would change me forever, I love them and the time we spent there was blessed. They would ask very vague questions looking for a specific answer, and also asking the questions with an agenda. It felt like they were trying to trap us in our words. The thing that impacted me the most was our Sector Manager, Nate. I watched him as he lead the study and answered questions with such grace and patience and joy and kindness. The very fruits of the Spirit were evident in him. It would have been easy to get mad, but he did not. I was just a fly on the wall for most of the meeting, observing, learning, and waiting for the Lord to tell me to speak. God did give me words towards the end of the meeting that I did speak, but I believe it was the will of the Lord for me to learn and have a glimpse into future ministry that I will be involved in. God is good is he not?! He takes care of His children! Glory be to Him!

Much, much more happened on this expedition. Like I said, it was a life changing experience for me. The events on the expedition have challenged me in many ways and shown me the areas in my life that I need to grow in order to be an effective minister in the future. There has been a fire lit under me to study the scriptures more and to embrace the leadership skills that God has given me! Praise God for refinement! It was such a great expedition to go out on. Praise Him!”

tumblr_inline_mvbrqqxxad1s57avk__mediumCheck out this blog from one of our current Advanced Mission Training students. Becca will soon be joining us as full-time staff now that she has graduated from the program!

“I am a relational person and I long to build deep, authentic relationships with the people I minister to.  While out with Amber Mututwa, an Overland Missions sector manager, I saw this throughout her ministry at each bible study.   She would ask individuals questions such as, “Did Precious have her baby yet?” or “How is your son feeling after last week?”  Others would ask Amber questions in return.   At each bible study, I observed a web of relationships being woven together between everyone, regardless of skin color or age or denomination.  To me, sharing the gospel of Christ is so much more than speaking a message and quickly jumping in your all terrain vehicle to move on.  Sharing the gospel of Christ may take time, time to speak the message but also connect, greet, ask questions, listen, eat, watch, laugh, play, sit, sing, or dance.

During our trip, my eyes were opened to the spiritual hunger of the people in the Musokotwane chiefdom.  At the bible studies, people came ready to receive the word.  They listened intently, “amen’d” our “hallelujahs”, and engaged with the preaching.   As I looked around, I noticed only a few people had bibles with them.  It dawned on me that many people at these studies do not own a bible, and only receive the word through hearing, whether at bible study or at church.  No wonder they are hungry to hear the word!  While most western-culture believers (including myself) struggle to find time in their jam-packed schedules to open their bibles, these men and women struggle to find a source to soak up the truth of God’s word.  I praise God that I can be part of His story to bring message of the gospel to those who are so hungry for truth.

As I have continued to grow in my walk with God, my understanding of praying for healing has also expanded.  With a deeper understanding of the new creation we are in Christ, I understand now that healing is fully available to us, we just need to believe God to grab hold of it.  I have prayed for people to be healed in the past and always expected fireworks or theatrics to be the sign of a true healing.  This proved to not be the case.  Yes, it may happen sometimes, but miracle is not synonymous with magic trick.  If you read the Word, you can see that miracles are unexplainable changes that happen because of the powerful work of God, not the powerful work of man. I prayed for a woman after one of the new bible studies we started.  She said her eyes were blurry.  I prayed for her.  Nothing fancy, just proclaiming the confidence I had in God’s unwavering love for this woman.  I didn’t beg God to heal her I simply believed He would.  After praying, I asked how her eyes were.  With a slight smile she said in her language, “Now I can see far”, and then walked away.  No fireworks, no theatrics.  Just Jesus.  One could argue that it was my faith that healed her or her faith that healed her or that nothing actually happened.  Regardless of our understanding, God was God in that situation.  I thank God that he doesn’t need me to heal his people, but chooses to use me in His plan for perfect redemption.”

1374171_629352302657_1827392981_n__mediumTrey, one of our August 2013 AMT students, writes about his experiences during their latest expedition:

“When I first heard that we were doing a sector management style expedition, I got incredibly excited.  I had wanted to see more of the reconnaissance and relationship building side of the ministry.  It seemed to fit the bill for me because I love meeting new people and finding new places.  I feel like it is an evangelist’s dream. Its funny how different things turn out than you plan, especially for me on this particular trip.  I thought I was going to be out ministering to the people in the villages and see how the sector management side worked.  A different plan unfolded for me, but the Lord spoke the entire time.

During Such A Great Salvation (SAGS) and Missionary Theology classes, our Father revealed so much of Himself to me.  He also taught me so much of who I am and that I am a new creation.  I also realized how stuck in religion I had been when I was growing up and even after I was born again.  I had been so sin focused that I couldn’t stop sinning and my spiritual life never flourished because I was truly trying to earn my keep with God. What an exhausting and empty venture.  During those classes, I finally had ears to hear and the Lord’s perfect timing came to pass.  After I had truly heard that, I knew that it was going to be such a huge part of my testimony when sharing the grace and mercy of our beautiful Father.

The first night out, our belt broke on the car so we had to stay the night in a place called Sesheke.  The next day when we started our journey to the campsite after the car was fixed, I asked God to really confirm what He was speaking to me. I was trying to articulate a sermon of what He wanted the people to hear and I just wanted to be sure I was listening well.  Well, the Lord confirmed big time.  I knew nothing about the people of Sioma or Western Province when we started our journey.  We had a meeting with an awesome man of God and his family. During that meeting, I was enlightened of the people of Western Province and the denominations that were prevalent.  Catholicism, which I grew up in, and Seventh-Day Adventists were the more prevalent denominations. They both teach works and earning your salvation, as I understand the way they are practiced here in Africa.  In that moment, God confirmed exactly what He had been speaking to me. I knew that I needed to share my struggle of religion with the people.  I was ready for my sermon, but a different plan unfolded and it ended up being for my good.

I became a little under the weather and had to stay at the campsite.  It wasn’t fun being sick and I really don’t like to sit out especially when the reason I was out there was to minister and observe the sector management side of the ministry.  The Lord just kept speaking to me and ministering to my heart, though.  He taught me a wonderful lesson as I lay down in the hammock that first day.  He said to me “Don’t make the people and ministry an idol.  Remember, it’s Me first then people.”  What a great lesson to have when you are going into full-time missions.  That very word will save me and the people I will minister to a lot of heartache, so praise God!

“…You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”   Matthew 22:37-39

During this expedition, God just spoke and spoke to me. He so sweetly ministered to my heart.  I have truly been learning what it is to be in commune with my Father and what it is to abide in Him.  It is such a peaceful and comforting place to be.  Even though I would go to bed sick at night, I couldn’t help but say “Thank you Jesus.  Thank you for life. You are good.”  What a beautiful thing.  I also did have the blessing of bringing the word our last night of ministry.  The Lord just worked through me as he does when we step out in faith.  Even though things didn’t go according to plan, He worked it out for my good and the good of His Kingdom.  There was such beautiful and sweet ministry that happened between my Dad and I during the expedition.  Praise God!

Since we first launched Sector Management a little over seven years ago, the strategy has been gaining momentum. Today we have five active sectors in Zambia that represent the first fruits of a global vision. With a host of new sectors in the process of being launched, we felt it was a good moment to pause and reflect. Take a look at some of the sectors we’re ready to launch and a little bit of the history that’s brought us to today…


P.S. Our vision is to operate 200 sectors by the year 2020. To fulfill this vision, we need missionaries! Are you a future Sector Manager? Find out more.