It’s a beautiful noise. Over 200 children’s voices ring out with a shout of praise, as they celebrate Jesus being the Ultimate Winner: He won over death, He won over fear, He won over sin, He won over sickness. And He made us winners over these things with Him!  Over 200 young voices unite as they bring praises to their God, the One Who made them. 200 voices belt it out: “There is Power in the Name of Jesus, to break every chain, break every chain, break every chain.”. These moments send chills up and down my body as I watch in amazement what God has done in the lives of these kids over the last five months, since my best friend, Janet, and I started a kids group in our front yard.

It all started back at the beginning May, when we hosted a Child Evangelism Fellowship training in that same front yard. When our teachers wanted to demonstrate how to do a Good News Club, we quickly sent out two people and within minutes around 40 children materialized from the neighborhood.  Several of these children made a very serious decision to follow Christ as a result of the Gospel that was shared in a way that they could understand and respond to it. Janet and I COULD NOT leave it there. We’ve felt God nudging us to reach out to the kids in our neighborhood for a while, and this was the perfect opportunity!

A week later, 60 children came. By mid July 115 children showed up, and the very next week, attendance exploded to nearly 200. By mid-August around 250 children showed up consistently, and by the beginning of September, 270 kids attended! During these months we have recorded 208 salvations, and we’re not talking about the “raise-your-hand-and-say-a-prayer” kind either! No, each of these children have been thoroughly counseled in small groups and had to show they really understood the Gospel message and understood what they were saying “yes” to, before they made this biggest decision of their lives.  We truly stand amazed at what God has done in the hearts and lives of these kids! Numbers really mean NOTHING, because God will chase after the heart of ONE. But we are awed that He would send all these children to learn more about His goodness and love!

Some of my personal highlights the past few months:

The time we hosted a “Wordless Book” party, expecting no more than 100 kids, and 145 showed up…and 32 made a commitment to Christ!

The time when we started teaching on prayer, and when kids laid hands on each other to pray for each other’s sickness…and all of them received healing!

The time we taught on worship, and practiced “telling God about Himself”, and hearing what these kids had to say.

Every time a child decided to let the King of Heaven take control of his or her life!

But I think my absolute favorite day was just last week, when we decided to simply take some time to praise and worship God with the kids through song and dance.  That morning, God gave me a word for the teens. We’ve never had very many teens show up, but this time there were about 20 teenagers, and we were able to gave them the word and pray over them!  It was obvious that God had His fingerprints all over it! And then just to experience the exuberance and passion with which these kids sang, danced praised and worshipped…a priceless experience.  I can’t wait to see what God’s plans are for these kids over the next five months!!

In honor of Overland’s 15-year anniversary, we have created a short series of videos to hear from our missionaries and highlight the work of God in some of the nations we travel to. The third video features Hunter and Sarah Ray. In watching, there’s no doubt you may think to yourself, “what a cute couple with an awesome story!” But listen on as they speak of a man driven by hunger…a man that represents the very reason we do what we do: go to the ends of the earth to share the life-giving message of Jesus Christ.

What is it that causes a young, single person to say YES to God….regardless of uncertainty and fear…regardless of all the questions and opinions….regardless of all the risk??  In this video, Leah gives you a glimpse as to what that was for her.  Listen to her heart.  She is overflowing…and you can bet it’s what caused one lady to say YES as well.

Here at Overland Missions, we’re celebrating 15 years of ministry throughout 2014! In honor of this special occasion and to glorify the Lord for all He’s done, over the next few months we’re going to bring you something special from our staff team that have helped build God’s Kingdom in the nations during the past 15 years!

We have produced a mini series of videos where you can meet some of the Overland Missions team and their families and hear some of the memories and testimonies they’ve obtained from all over the world!

Our first in this special series comes from the Killough family, who have been leading our expeditions in the Amazon for the past six years before committing to start a new sector for Overland Missions in Angola, Africa. Click here to learn more about the 15 year celebration!

Overland Missions’ Advanced Mission Training (AMT) is a unique and powerful training program located in Livingstone, Zambia. We train men and women of faith to learn how to become well-rounded missionaries, ready to encounter life in remote locations.

Focused on reaching remote tribes and neglected communities, AMT is the foundational training step in deplyoing people to these regions. This video demonstrates how AMT fits in the overall vision of Overland Missions.

Take a moment to watch this presentation and consider joining us in the work of the Kingdom of God. Contact us today to find out more.

As Overland Missions continues to expand, we will be establishing new sectors throughout Africa, South East Asia, and Brazil.

This short video will give you an overview of our plans and paint a picture of what we will be tackling over the next two years. Join our efforts to enhance the kingdom of God in remote locations!