A Short Time in the Field, Part of a Global Vision

The most important resource we have is people that choose to take a small portion of their lives and invest it to affect the life of someone else.

We use the talents and skills of each individual to reach the unreached and to care for the neglected. Short-term expeditions contribute to the overall vision for each sector within Overland Missions.

Extensive reconnaissance is done prior to an expedition and long-term relationship building is done after an expedition to ensure the longevity of our influence. Overland Missions believes “to whom much is given, much is required”

(Luke 12:48). Therefore, we fully accept the responsibility to share the wealth of information that God has entrusted to us. We are grateful for the work of missionaries who have gone before us and we seek to build on what they have already accomplished through Christ.

We believe short-term expeditions to be one of the most vital tools of the 21st century church to reach the isolated and neglected people of the world.

Wondering what it’s like to take a short-term expedition with us?

Let this testimony from one of our alumni inspire you. Hannah joined us in the Amazon in 2011, then graduated from our Advanced Mission Training course in Zambia, and has since joined full-time staff. Here’s what she said about her first Expedition experience:

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