Group Expeditions

Overland Missions has many expedition opportunities that can be personalized for your group.

Overland Missions has many expedition opportunities that can be personalized for your group.  Whether you are a group of friends who would like to experience the mission field together, or you represent your local church or youth group, Overland Missions can accommodate your group with a variety of destinations. We will help you to plan your group’s outreach and we’ll facilitate the expedition to ensure that you have a positive and fulfilling experience.

Underage Participants

Normally we maintain an age restriction of 18 years old for individual expedition applicants.  This age restriction is often suspended with group applicants on the basis that there are adult members of the group assigned as guardians and chaperones who will accompany the underage members of the team at all times.  For any applicant under the age of 18, a Parental Consent Supplement must be also submitted with the application. Each destination country has special requirements for minors who travel without their parents.  We’ll discuss these requirements with you as the details of your group expedition develop.

To apply for as a group for an expedition, here is what you need to do:

Our article the Group Preparation Timeline. This will give you a good idea about the time frame that you will need to consider when planning your group expedition.

The Group Expedition Application Form and Expedition Pastoral Reference Form. Every individual in your group must submit an application form.  If you are organizing a large group from your church we will not require the Pastoral Reference Form to be submitted by every member. Please note: the forms function best when using Adobe Reader. Download Adobe Reader for free here.

A primary contact person who will manage communication between your group members and Overland Missions.  This person will be responsible for organizing informational meetings with potential team members, fielding questions and communicating with each person about required documents and deadlines.

If your group will be gathered from your church congregation, be sure to communicate with your pastor about what you are doing and give your pastor an opportunity to be involved in the planning and promotion of your expedition team.

Set up a group specific expedition timeline with fund raising goals and milestones that you can monitor as a group.  Be sure to communicate clearly about scheduled meetings, the application due date and deposit/payment deadlines.

With your group ideas for fund raising events and activities that you can organize to raise up financial support from your community and church congregation.

After the group applications have been received, you’ll be issued with a login to our Expeditions Portal. In the portal you’ll be able to track your team’s preparation and fundraising progress, upload a copies of your passports and download your Expedition Orientation. The Orientation will give comprehensive details about what the group will need to do to prepare for a successful expedition.  This packet will also address many questions that individual team members may have about the expedition. Make sure the team have read this and use it to get prepared before departure.

We’ll give the primary contact person regular updates on the status of your fund raising goals and follow up on a regular basis about fulfilling your group’s preparation requirements.

As your departure date draws near, we will connect you to a Facebook group for all the expedition team members and your team leader(s). This will give all the members of the expedition time to get to know each other and your team leader before you arrive in your destination country.

10. GO!

For additional questions, please email or call the office at 321-452-9696.