Researched and creates innovative ways to bring sustainability to rural villages through agriculture, livestock management and market development

Sustain seeks to walk with people in discovering the abundant life God has for them and in realizing the role faith has in their farms and businesses. This connection brings freedom to local farmers and promise to unproductive farms. No longer held back by destructive practices, society’s perceptions, or false beliefs, they are able to adopt reliable and yield-increasing growing methods, recognize the resources God has given, and learn to use them most effectively.

Through Biblically-based agricultural education, hope comes to a community. The gospel affects even the way we interact with creation and manage the land. Equipping local leaders with this full message allows them to see the work of God in real life. Working closely with Overland’s Leadership Network and community volunteers, Sustain teaches alternatives to traditional farming practices in order to diversify the village economy and develop skills, helping break the cycle of continuing rural poverty.

This education-based approach focuses on animal husbandry, vegetable production, market development, and conservation agriculture. Instead of dropping financial gifts or agricultural inputs in a community, we start with existing skills, abilities, and resources. Community members have the opportunity to adjust management techniques and adopt practices to better production, thereby, increasing their family’s income.

Sustain is revealing to people their value in the eyes of God, in order that their practices might reflect His Glory, proceed in excellence, and spread hope one person at a time.