The LIFE Project

The LIFE Project serves as part of the humanitarian arm of Overland Missions, providing physical care to rural villages as a follow-up to the initial preaching of the Gospel.


The LIFE Project seeks to keep the village family structure intact by providing education as well as social and health care for orphans, widows, the vulnerable and HIV/AIDS victims living in the village. LIFE programs are geared toward utilizing manpower from within the village to create self-sustaining systems that can succeed and thrive within their existing culture.

Areas of support:

• Education: Initiate early education and adult literacy programs where schools currently do not exist
• Health: Bring necessary healthcare and awareness to rural villages
• Vulnerable Care: Assist widows, orphans, elderly and those who are otherwise helpless

Detailed objectives will be included in the Village Development Plan; the following represents broad objectives of the ministry:

• Sponsor and disciple under-funded students with high potential through their secondary school education
• Provide adult literacy programs for reading and writing skills
• Identify children with disabilities and refer them to government and/or NGO programs to enable satisfactory educational opportunities
• Provide training and support for community-based preschools

• Provide pre-natal and post-natal care to pregnant women and developing infants in select villages
• Identify village residents with unique health issues and align them with programs/health care opportunities to address the need
• Identify overall village health issues (water supply, sanitation, nutrition, etc), develop and implement programs to meet these needs

• Identify vulnerable people (the elderly, the sick/diseased, widows, orphans, etc) and develop/implement programs to meet their needs

The LIFE Project works through Overland Missions’ Sector Managers and with the other divisions of Overland Missions including Advanced Mission Training, Expeditions, and the Overland Leadership Network. Overland Missions is a Christian World Missions Organization. LIFE Project also works in conjunction with local churches, non-governmental organizations (NGO), faith-based organizations (FBO) and services provided by the local government such as clinics and schools.