Water Projects

In the fall of 2011, Overland Missions launched our water division.Through this division we endeavor to provide neglected communities in rural Zambia with access to clean water

A Fresh Approach

Overland Missions’ approach to providing water is unique in that we have established a long-term sustainability component in the region. Through our Sector Management strategy, we have Overland Missions staff in place, developing relationships with the local Chiefs and elders. After ministering among the locals, we can bring our water division to complement our existing work.

water_projects_video_channel__mediumThrough this fresh approach to drilling for water, we can not only care for the spiritual and community needs but also ensure that the boreholes are valued and taken care of. We only drill in areas we are currently working in.

In our first season, we drilled five wells that served hundreds of rural villages, one of which enabled a primary school to reopen it’s doors after closing for lack of clean water. We have high expectations as we look to the future, and are readying ourselves to meet the challenge of running water projects in the bush.

2012 will be a pioneering year as our drill team partners with Sector Managers and village leaders to support Overland Missions’ holistic and sustainable development strategy.  As we drill, doors will open to minister the Gospel in new and exciting ways.  Expedition teams will minister alongside the drill team throughout the whole process.

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