Water Projects

Providing Clean Water in a Sustainable Approach

Overland Missions, Inc. is a non-profit 501(C)3 registered in the United States with logistical offices in Zambia. At the heart of what we do is the desire to see life long change come to people who would be other wise un-reached or neglected. We believe that this change only comes through the power of God, which transforms a person, and then transforms their life. Throughout the past 14 years of working in southern Africa we’ve developed many solid relationships with people in remote villages.

They have become more than a number on a census, more than a marketing catch phrase, they have become our friends. We value them as friends, as people created in the image and likeness of God, and as such we desire to help them in the context of our mutual friendship. One of the best ways to help keep a community disease free and thereby secure a better way of life is to provide clean drinking water. The most sustainable method of getting clean drinking water is by drilling a borehole.

Because Overland Missions, Inc. has it’s own well drilling rig and team on the ground in Zambia, we are able to drill these boreholes within the confines of the relationships we have with the local village leaders. This furthers the cause of Overland Missions on the ground and strengthens our relationships with local communities by showing them that we are not only interested in their spiritual growth, but their physical health as well.

Partner with Us for Clean Water

As a donor desiring to partner with us for clean water, you can either donate to our general drilling operation to fund a Well, as well as repair wells we find along the way or utilize our team to drill specific wells in a particular location in Zambia.

Once the water borehole is drilled, we will prepare a finished report including metrics and photos. Please read the agreement documents below and contact us with any questions.

To get started, simply download the appropriate application type and send it in to our U.S. Office. To discuss specific needs and to get more information you may email us to water@overlandmissions.com or call our office +1-321-452-9696.