Any Road Any Load Any Time

| Overland Missions

These are the words painted across our trucks, printed on our shirts, and spoken to our teams. It is a phrase that causes us to push ourselves to go farther, reach deeper, and stay longer. Overland Missions is dedicated, not necessarily to the phrase itself, but to what the heart behind it says. We are an organization that is dedicated to reaching the unreached. And we will do whatever it takes.

Any Road.

After a long drive turned into a hike, a reconnaissance team in the Patagonia region of South America reached a river as they backpacked through the jungle. The villages they were traveling to happened to be on the other side and there was no bridge. So they crossed in pairs riding on a small contraption that was a combination between a zip line and a ski lift. Then they continued on to their destination so that Jesus’ name could be preached in the most remote places of the earth. Worth the risk.

Any Load.

It is a heavy burden for some leaving behind the lives that they have always known. Those who are overseas workers for the Gospel are also daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, friends, and loved ones. We leave behind our communities here in the states, because there are people in remote places that need to hear the message of love and redemption that is the Gospel. Some days we are so caught up in the work we are doing that our lives back in the states barely cross our minds. Other days we are home sick and we miss those that are an ocean away, longing to be with them again. Either way, it is worth the sacrifice.

Any Time.

A staff member in the Water Projects department, a local worker for Overland, and a student in the Advanced Missions Training (AMT) program started their day at 4:00 am. They reached their last well repair of the week by 6:00 am. When they went to sleep that night it was after midnight and they had successfully repaired their fourth well, spent seven hours in transit between locations, finished installing the concrete for a newly drilled bore-hole, packed up and set up camp, showed The Jesus Film, and preached the Gospel in a new place. A long day. A good day. A day that was worth the lost sleep.

Overland Missions is built on the idea that we will do whatever it takes to see the unreached not only become the reached, but to train them to reach others. To those we minister to, we desire, hope and pray for them to become ministers themselves. And we will see it come to pass. Whatever it takes.