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| Chris Hinze

I am a missionary with Overland Missions traveling the back and remote roads of the globe. It is hard to believe that even today there are millions of people who have not yet heard the good news of Jesus Christ. These communities lay outside any tar road or the path of casual visitors. We make every effort to identify them, get to them with the most powerful message on earth and see to it we care for them both spiritually and physically.

I am one of 100 missionaries moving about the globe with a smile on our faces, a great team around us and well trained to go and come back alive. How can you get involved? simple. Join my strategic support team to send me into these remote locations and together we can reach the ends of the earth. You can also join our short-term mission expeditions and take a couple of weeks off your life and go experience what is happening with remote tribes. Last, but not least, I encourage you to embrace the plunge and join a life of an expeditionary missionary. We’ll train you and deploy you to amazing communities of remote people beyond your wildest dreams.

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