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 Our  Mission 

For Christ, we communicate the Gospel in remote places, with an emphasis on the new creation, in order to transform forgotten people, by making disciples and developing leaders.

our founding

Overland Missions was founded by Philip and Sharon Smethurst: explorers and evangelists. Philip was born in Africa and Sharon raised in Brazil. Using their life experience of military and travel, along with their love for developing nations, the two officially started Overland in 1999 with the goal of reaching remote people with the Gospel. Now, the team of Overland has 198 full-time staff members, working in 15 countries, on five continents. We are adding new full-time missionaries every year through our Advanced Mission Training program with the goal of 1,000 missionaries by 2030. With new nations on the horizon, we will continue to do whatever it takes to see people transformed by the Gospel of Christ.


Since its creation in 1999, Overland Missions has worked to expand its reach for Christ around the globe. From our beginnings in Zambia, Africa, where we now have 63 staff members we have extended our reach to four continents. We now have 198 full-time missionaries living in 15 countries, managing 22 ministry sectors. We currently have projects that provide clean water, medical aid, and agricultural sustainability that let us focus on both the physical and the spiritual needs of people as we transform forgotten peoples by making disciples and developing leaders.


Our team is pushing to the ends of the earth to reach every unreached person with the Gospel. Overland Missions Advanced Mission Training is adding new full-time missionaries to our team every year. With the goal of 1,000 missionaries by 2030, we are continuing to expand into new areas in the Middle East, South East Asia, South America, and Africa. With more missionaries and new nations on the horizon, we hope to see the world reached for Christ in this generation.


When you focus on remote people groups, due to the long distances 

and off the path locations, one of the best measuring sticks is

your team's movement about the globe.