Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct outlines the basic, common sense rules that must be adhered to from the moment you arrive in your country of expedition, through your flight home. If at any point during this time you do not honor any of these guidelines, you will be expelled from the team at your own expense. We also reserve the right, as outlined in our application, to expel you from the team for any reason or any misbehavior not mentioned below at any point during or before the expedition and at your own expense. Common sense and the Holy Spirit will always dictate acceptable behavior and we are confident that you will be listening.

1. The possession of or use of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, tobacco and tobacco products, firearms and/or other weapons is strictly prohibited.

2. The misuse of any prescription drug or other legal substance is prohibited. Any prescription drugs being taken should have already been disclosed on your application. (If you did not disclose this information, please contact our office).

3. You will not participate in fraternizing of any kind with any individual (other than your spouse) which includes but is not limited to:

     a) Physical contact with any individual (other than your spouse) with any hint of physical affection or sexual behavior.
     b) Guys and girls pairing off alone in any scenario.
     c) Verbally sharing your romantic feelings with an individual.


Please note: We understand that you are an adult and we are not against marriage or individuals finding their soul-mate on the mission field; however, for the sake of the expedition we must keep these strict guidelines. If you do fall madly in love during your expedition, congratulations! We, however, ask that you wait to confess this until you are finished with the expedition and arrive home.

4. Vulgar/obscene language, off-color joking or any other obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated.

5. Complaining, insulting, degrading language and cursing will not be tolerated.

6. Destruction, theft or general disrespect of property other than your own is strictly prohibited.

7. Unless permitted by Overland Missions staff, no one will be permitted to go off alone. Team members must remain in groups of at least three and girls must be accompanied by a guy.

8. Modest clothing must be worn at all times. If you are not sure if it is appropriate – don’t pack it! Overland Missions leaders reserve the right to instruct individuals on how to dress modestly for cultural sensitivity. This could include removing nose rings, toe rings, ankle bracelets, and other forms of jewelry.

9. During free time your whereabouts must be made known to your leader at all times.

10. No team member is allowed to rent a car, motorcycle, boat, or hotel room, without direct permission from
Overland Missions staff.

11. In the unlikely event of an emergency, Overland Missions staff will take full control of every situation and team members may be called upon to help according to their skill level. Team members must only use initiative if an Overland Missions staff member is not available.

12. As a safety factor, Overland Missions staff must be respected and obeyed at all times regardless of your opinion of them. If you must complain, you will have an opportunity to do it after the expedition is over.

13. Each team member is expected to treat others with respect and to do their share. Be prepared to get dirty and work hard.

14. Each team member is expected to participate in all daily activities, be prompt for meetings and faithful with their daily devotions.

In short don’t do anything illegal or non-biblical, and
treat others the way you would like to be treated