Coronavirus travel advisory

Official Overland Statement


August 30th, 2021

Our Advanced Mission Training class for August 2021 arrived on schedule.  A positive development over the last couple of months is more and more countries are consistently requiring COVID-19 tests within 72 hours FROM DEPARTURE. This is a huge improvement from the former requirement of 72 hours from arrival. Overland Missions does not require any vaccination or masks in order to travel with us. We encourage everyone to make the best decision for each traveler alongside their own physician recommendations. We are aware of countries' changing requirements and do our best to continually contact travelers. Thank you for believing the best in what God is doing and praying with us that borders continue to open up abroad.



June 9, 2021

With the opening of more countries, we continue operating around the world for the sake of the Gospel, while monitoring the ever changing travel regulations in the countries we are working in. So long as the borders are open, we will continue to travel carefully and work to adhere to local requirements.

Every traveler with our team should keep in mind that travel costs fluctuate due to Covid-19 requirements of testing, and especially airfare cost. If any trip is cancelled, we contact each team member and will be shifted to a future trip.


Our Advanced Mission Training class for August 2021 is still on schedule and we are directly communicating with enrolled students. We are aware of countries' changing requirements and do our best to continually contact travelers. Thank you for believing the best in what God is doing and praying with us that borders continue to open up abroad.



Limited green light update

July 07, 2020

We continue to monitor international travel restrictions and border requirements due to global covid-19 developments. Our staff is in great spirits ministering in their assignments as much as possible and also taking advantage of online meetings for discipleship.

Our Advanced Mission Training class for August is still on schedule and we are directly communicating with enrolled students. Due to quarantine requirements on our operating countries, we have postponed expeditions until 2021 except for Zanzibar. We are glad to see the world opening up slowly and safely resulting in more opportunities for our team to operate and minister on the ground.



May 16, 2020

At this time, August expedition trips and August AMT  are on track pending on government restrictions. We are continuing to get live-updates from our staff around the world on international travel, border crossing from each country, and flight updates along with our American government in order to resume travel.

Each week we will be updating those who have signed up to travel with us and will post here any further public updates. Our offices in Florida are open during normal hours and just ask that visitors please call first as our lobby is closed to walk-ins as we soft open our location.


Postponement of May-July trips

March 31, 2020

In light of President Trump’s advisory to extend social distancing protocols until the end of April, as well as travel restrictions worldwide,  May through July expeditions and May AMT are postponed at this time. August expeditions and August AMT remain open as planned until further notice.  We are internally communicating directly with anyone that is affected by these changes. 

We encourage anyone set to travel with us to contact your team leader directly or email the office at for more information. 

We remain in constant communication with our staff around the world and can report that they are in great spirits as well as following CDC and WHO protocols in their region. 

We will continue to post updates here concerning any changes due to coronavirus. Please continue to believe God with us that we will see a healing wave run through the nations, and that many will come to the knowledge of His unmatched love.  We are confident that this year, with all its uncertainties and the difficulties being faced by so many around the world, will work to produce a mighty harvest for the kingdom of God, for "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1.

We love you and thank you for continuing to pray for us and partner with our missionaries and teams around the globe. 


Till all know of His love.


Coronavirus operations Update for Overland Missions

March 23rd, 2020

We are on day 7 of the 15 Days to Slow the Spread directives from the White House.  On Day 14 the President has said that they will reevaluate where the nation stands as a whole and what steps will be taken next. We will post an update and follow the recommendations given at that point.


As of now there are no flights available to any of the countries we are working in and borders have been shut to any Americans, UK and European citizens desiring to enter these countries. Until this scenario changes, all trips are subject to these restrictions being lifted.


We intend to continue our work as planned so long as it is logistically possible, and if we are comfortable with whatever safety protocols governments have put in place. If so, we will update any changes here and contact everyone set to be traveling with us directly. Rest assured, we are monitoring global government guidelines as we make decisions ministry wide.



We remain in hope and optimistic that by God’s wonderful grace we will see a turnaround in this global pandemic. Our mission remains to preach the gospel to the neglected and forgotten people of the world.


We are in daily communication with our teams on the ground. In every country they are following their government’s directives while in many cases going above and beyond in consideration of team health and safety for the long haul. We are very proud of our team’s heart, spirit, and work on the ground at this time.



Please pray for the scientist and medical professions working hard at this time to find medical solutions; for our global staff for wisdom, safety, and renewed strength (usually by this time they should have received reinforcements in the form of staff members on the ground); for our future expedition members and AMT students that this will only renew their resolve to preach the gospel to the nations while trusting that the Lord of Heaven is guiding their every step.


And finally, thank you for being a friend and partner of this ministry. As always,

Till All Know of His Love.


Coronavirus General statement

March 15, 2020

As of now, Overland Missions is not suspending operations in countries where its bases are well established as currently expedition teams and AMT are set to start up on the second week of May. Nonetheless, we remain vigilant to the fluent worldwide coronavirus situation and will adjust plans accordingly. Subsequent new updates will be available here on our website.

Our staff will be directed internally to prioritize flexibility and increase safety discipline.

We understand this pandemic advisory poses a logistical challenge for travelers concerning flights, national decisions to quarantine, and all CDC guidelines imposed on travelers. Given the rapid changes to logistics in travel, Overland Missions will adapt and follow regulations meant to safeguard the general public. In doing so, we may decide to reroute, or may be forced to cancel flights needed to carry out our work.

Overland Missions advises our staff and those traveling with us to adhere to the following guidelines:

Ensure you take precautions with your health. Follow a high degree of disciplines such as washing hands, maintaining a healthy distance from others, and all CDC recommendations, as well as your physician’s instructions.

If you are feeling flu-like symptoms, please act accordingly. Self-quarantine and get tested for possible exposure. Notify our office at +1-321-452-9696 or email immediately. Follow your physician’s instructions.

If someone you know has tested positive for coronavirus and you had recent close contact with that person, please notify your physician, self-quarantine out of an abundance of caution, and contact our office if you are ordered to quarantine by medical professionals.

If you don’t believe you are exposed or have symptoms, and you are due to travel with us, then you are required to purchase travel insurance and insurance covering your flight from changes. Please ensure you have a solid policy. You must provide a copy to our office prior to travel.

Understand that the logistical changes that governments are making mean that it is impossible to predict travel plans at this time.

Be flexible. Our office will work with expedition team members and others traveling with Overland. In the event that you cannot travel, due to the current events as planned, any funds raised through Overland Missions will remain earmarked for your travel until it can be rescheduled. Again, Overland Missions has the ultimate discretion to make operational changes to comply with legal laws and travel guidelines.


Lastly, as we navigate the ever-changing logistical challenges of international travel, we will continue to forge ahead with ministry as practically as possible, while in faith and full confidence. To us, this is simply a travel logistical challenge outside of our control, and we are prepared to overcome with great flexibility.

We will be posting any official updates on this page. Please continue to communicate with our office if you are set to travel with us overseas. Be smart, stand in faith, and remember to be a light everywhere you find yourself today.

World Headquarters' phone (also Whatsapp): +1-321-452-9696.

Main email:



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Please stay connected here through our website for official public announcements. We are continuing our work around the world, as our staff are on multiple locations, while at the same time monitoring all government development regarding coronavirus internationally.