God Wants to Talk to Me!

| Fiona Killough

In many of my conversations with God over the last year or so, it seems He’s been very clear and repetitive in something: He wants children to know Him! He’s made Himself utterly accessible to children and values them highly. And along with the promptings He’s been making in my heart, God’s been more than faithful to extend opportunities to demonstrate what He’s showing me. He’s cool like that, huh? He exposes truth to us, then gives us the opportunity to live it out!

In the last couple of weeks, the opportunities to sow into little lives have been abundant. To start, a friend and I in town were finally able kick off an informal kid’s discovery Bible group after throwing the idea around for months but not having our schedules line up! Then Becca, one of my Overland Missions teammates, suggested we offer to do kid’s ministry at an adults training that the husbands were running in Virei. Meanwhile, another friend in town who works a lot with Youth for Christ in Angola, asked if I could help her facilitate a training for children’s workers and leaders in Youth for Christ. “Sure!” I said without thinking. God, you really are moving on this notion, huh?! She came back to me later to say that she really felt she’d like to invite leaders from all the various denominations in Namibe to participate in the training seminar, not just those involved with Youth for Christ. I was ecstatic!

Here’s a few photos from the kid’s Bible club (we don’t really have an official name at present, so I’m experimenting with options here!) and from our Sunday day trip to Virei to serve the kids. On each occasion we ran with the theme God Wants to Talk to Me and led the kids in identifying God’s voice and developing a relationship with Him. We facilitated a couple of simple activations for them to experiment with forms of prayer on their own (thank you Flame Creative for an excellent, bush-friendly idea for this! We just used a rock instead of a coin.) And what exploration of communication with God wouldn’t be complete without a game of Chinese Whispers/Telephone?!

I’m so looking forward to seeing what God has up His sleeve for the next times we meet!