A Global Body

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

The call of God goes beyond borders, nations, and continents. It is the destiny planned for all those who love Him, regardless of nationality or creed. But it’s easy to forget that when we are only exposed to one small part of the body of Christ. Regardless of our personal calling, expeditions are an incredible way for anyone to experience the hand of God across the globe.

Zach H, an expedition leader, puts it this way: “When I went on my first expedition, I encountered Jesus in a fresh way. Two of my friends and I took that fire back home and transformed the lives of our friends and families because of the testimonies and the fire we brought back. As a leader, we have the opportunity to start revivals in remote villages, but also stir up our team members, which they can take back to their homes.”

But it’s not just for Americans. Rachel M, a sector missionary in Chipata chiefdom, Zambia, experienced firsthand the effect an expedition can have on the local people. “I don’t think it was until that team came to our sector that our Zambian guys began to really grasp the global impact of what they were doing. Before that moment, they just said ‘Oh, we made friends with some Americans, and we’re going to change Eastern Province for the gospel,’ but that expedition put some momentum behind a lot of our guys in Zambia. They realized, 'This is a global effort and I can be a part of it.’”

As a former expedition leader and now a sector manager, Rachel has seen many different areas in Zambia impacted for the Gospel of Christ, but none quite like the transformation in the village of Chinyaku. “From a sector manager’s standpoint, the team came to a village that was an honest mess. There were a lot of spiritual darkness issues there. There were rumors being spread about our team, that we were going to kidnap children and harvest their bodies—just total lies from Satan. The village was terrified of us and the expedition team was experiencing people gathering up their kids and running away from us in fear. They wouldn’t greet us unless we greeted them first. I’ve never seen anything like it in Zambia—they thought we were witches or something. As an individual, it would have been almost impossible for Kyle N (another sector missionary) to see any kind of breakthrough in that village.

“Fortunately, we had the expedition team. It was a really tough two weeks and we had to spend a lot of time working against that spiritual stuff, but by the end of that expedition, huge barriers had been broken down because we had such manifestations of power. Just to have that many people praying and working hard and in spiritual warfare together—there’s just something unique that happens when an expedition comes that scatters the powers of darkness. Now Kyle’s going back to Chinyaku and he’s established a Bible study. We’ve seen growth, good attendance from both men and women, and progress is really happening in people’s lives.”

The body of Christ is one complete unit, meant to work together in perfect unison. When Jesus gave the Great Commission, he prophesied that the disciples would be witnesses not only in their communities, but to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8). Expeditions are a way for everyone, no matter who they are, to understand what they are a part of. Our response must be to hunger for the fullness of God in every area, so that every person, community, and nation may be filled with knowledge of Him.

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