A Worthy Cost

Two local pastors recently attended a Bible training school in Northern Mozambique. One attended on scholarship, the other insisted on paying his portion although he barely had enough money to cover the costs. Therefore over the next four days, he walked 130 kilometers to attend the teachings and gave all the money he had to the program itself. Months later when the next training school began, the same opportunity was given to both men, yet only one decided to return — the one who gave all he had.

There is something to be said about investing in the Gospel. We know God gave freely, so we could receive freely. There is no further requirement of us but to receive, yet Jesus was clear when he described the cost of being His disciple. He said, “Deny yourself, sell all you possess, and follow me.” There is an intentional laying down of one’s life where the greatest joy is found. When a choice has been made in the heart of man for himself, after understanding the value of Christ’s gift, and one has traveled the distance, something shifts. The new creation becomes completely unhindered from the senses, and there is more than just the knowledge of an inheritance. There is action, a stepping further into it because it is there for the taking!

The Gospel cannot be stopped; it cannot be silenced, and it cannot be slowed. It remains a fact for all, a free gift, and it is honored by those who dare spend their own lives for it. Nations are turning to the Lord today because they have firstly recognized who they are. They now find themselves inside Jesus’ life, no longer inside the constraints of their culture, family, or economic system. Therefore, they have called the four-day journey a worthy one, because He above all else, is worthy. They willingly give, because He has given them everything!

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